Who is the editor of Indian Express?

Raj Kamal Jha is Editor of The Indian Express. He joined the newspaper in 1996 as Deputy Editor (Operations) and then was Executive Editor. Jha is a 1988 graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where he studied Mechanical Engineering.

Who is the Editor of The New Indian Express?

The New Indian Express

The April 2011 redesigned front page of The New Indian Express
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Express Publications (Madurai) Limited
Editor-in-chief G. S. VASU

Who is the owner of Indian Express newspaper?

VIVECK GOENKA, Chairman & Managing Director, The Indian Express Group.

Who is the founder of Editor?

Shekhar Gupta (born 26 August 1957) is an Indian journalist and author.

Shekhar Gupta
Title Founder & editor; ThePrint
Spouse(s) Neelam Jolly
Awards Padma Bhushan (2009)

When was Indian Express founded?

The Times of India

Let the Truth Prevail
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) The Times Group
Publisher Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.
Editor-in-chief Jaideep Bose

Which is best the Hindu or Indian Express for UPSC?

Indian Express

Founded in 1932 by Ramnath Goenka, this English daily is useful for UPSC IAS Exam. Along with The Hindu, The Indian Express is considered to be the best source of current affairs information for competitive exam preparation.

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Who is Anant Goenka?

Anant Goenka is the Executive Director, The Indian Express Group and Head of New Media at The Indian Express. He is a USC Annenberg grad in Print Journalism.

Who is the owner of Express Avenue Chennai?

It publishes several widely circulated dailies, including The Indian Express and The Financial Express in English, the Loksatta in Marathi and the Jansatta in Hindi.

Indian Express Limited.

Type Private
Headquarters New Delhi , India
Key people Raj Kamal Jha
Products Newspaper
Owner Vivek Goenka

Who is editor of newspaper?

An editor is the ‘boss’ of a newspaper and is ultimately responsible for what is published. Editors oversee the work of all the newspaper staff. They allocate space for articles, photographs, advertisements, etc and decide which stories make it into each edition.

Who is an editor?

An editor is the person who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine and who decides what will be published in each edition of it. An editor is a journalist who is responsible for a particular section of a newspaper or magazine.

Who is under the editor in chief?

The managing editor directly supervises the day-to-day operations of the publication, and reports to the editor in chief. A major portion of the managing editor’s job involves hiring and overseeing associate and assistant editors.

Which is the sister publication of Indian Express?

The Indian Express is an English-language Indian daily newspaper. It is published in Mumbai by the Indian Express Group.

The Indian Express.

Journalism of Courage
Headquarters B1/B, Express Building, Sector 10, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Sister newspapers The Financial Express Loksatta Jansatta
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Where is Hinduism printed?

The Hindu uses modern facilities for news gathering, page composition and printing. It is printed in seventeen centres including the Main Edition at Chennai (Madras) where the Corporate Office is based.