Which highway connects Delhi to Kolkata?

National Highway 19 (NH 19) is a national highway in India. It was previously referred to as Delhi–Kolkata Road and is one of the busiest national highways in India. After renumbering of national highways, Delhi to Agra route is now national highway 44 and Agra to Kolkata route is numbered national highway 19.

Which highway connects Kolkata and Chennai?

National Highway 16 (India)

National Highway 16
Length 1,711 km (1,063 mi) GQ: 1711 km (Chennai–Kolkata)
Major junctions
North end Dankuni, Kolkata, West Bengal
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Which national highway connects Delhi and Kolkata via Varanasi Mcq?

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National Highway (NH2) connects 6 states of North India i.e. Delhi, Haryana, U.P. Bihar, Jharkhand & West Bengal constituting a portion of Grand Trunk Road.

What is the new name of NH 6?

National Highway 6 & Economic Corridor 1 (EC1) (commonly referred to as NH6), was a National Highway in India that has been separately designated under the new national highway numbering system.

National Highway 6 (India, old numbering)

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National Highway 6
East end Kolkata, West Bengal

What is the name of National Highway 2 and 3?

2. Agra – Mumbai road – this is NH – 3 which connects Agra, Gwalior, Indore, Dhule, Nashik and Mumbai. 3. Mathura road – the NH – 2 enters Uttar Pradesh from Haryana in Mathura district and a part of it is known as Mathura road.

Which two cities does the East West highway connect?

The correct answer is Silchar and Porbandar. The East-West corridor of the Golden Quadrilateral connects Silchar and Porbandar cities in India. The North-South–East-West Corridor is the largest highway project(ongoing) in India.

Which roadway has connected Delhi Mumbai Chennai and Kolkata?

Golden Quadrilateral is a network of highways connecting India’s four top metropolitan cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, thereby, forming a quadrilateral.

Which national highway is called Shershah Suri Marg?

Sher Shah Suri Marg: National Highway 1 is also known as Shershah Suri marg.

Which national highway connects Mumbai and Delhi?

NH 48 passes through the states of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Its stretch from Delhi to Mumbai was earlier designated NH 8 and the stretch between Mumbai and Chennai was designated NH 4 before all the national highways were renumbered in the year 2010.

Which is the longest highway in India?

– National Highway 44 – It is the longest national highway in India with a length of 4,112 km running from Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumari in the South.

Which is the smallest highway of India?

NH118, as well as the NH 548, is the shortest National highway of India. NH 118 connects the towns Asanbani and Jamshedpur in the state of Jharkhand, running for a distance of only about 5 km. The NH 548 traverses the state of Maharashtra for about 5 km in length.

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What is the new name of NH 47?

The new numbers of the NH roads passing through Coimbatore district are: NH 47 is now NH 544, NH 67 is NH 181 and NH 209 is NH 83.

How is NH numbered?

For all the national highways from North to South, even numbers are used and it is assigned from East to West in the ascending order. In other words, for high longitudes, lower numbers and for lower longitudes high numbers are assigned. As, NH-2 is located in North Eastern States and NH-68 is located in Rajasthan.

Is GT road a national highway?

The Grand Trunk Road, a national highway, is one of the oldest road routes in India. It runs through Haora to Pakistan and is the main route connecting the city with northern India.

How many national highways are there in West Bengal?

List of National Highways in West Bengal

S.No. NH-No. Length (km.)
1 2 235 km (146 mi)
2 6 161 km (100 mi)
3 31 366 km (227 mi)
4 31A 30 km (19 mi)

How many NH are there in India?

There are about 87 national highways in India which measure around 115,435 km.