Quick Answer: Which Hindu temples were destroyed by Mughals?

Aurangzeb enjoyed destroying Hindu temples during his long campaign and ordered to destroy the temples at Ellora, Trimbakeshwar, Narasinghpur, and Pandharpur and build mosques on the sites.

Did Hindu rulers destroy temples?

Hindu Kings never destroyed any Buddhist Temples. In fact helped build and protected a lot of buddhist temples like the Holkars and Marathas who protected the Buddhist stupas in the central india from Islamic invaders.

Who destroyed Trimbakeshwar temple?

Conversation. Untold Valour of our Ancients !! How many of us know that Aurangzeb destroyed original Trimbakeshwar temple, built a Masjid over it & renamed Nasik as Gulchhanabad. Marathas recaptured Nasik in 1751 pulled down the Masjid & rebuilt Trimbakeshwar – One of the 12 Jyotirlinga.

Did Akbar destroy Hindu temples?

He forcibly converted Hindus to Islam and destroyed Hindu temples. He also re-introduced the jizya, a tax on non-Muslims, which had been suspended for the previous 100 years by his great-grandfather Akbar.

Why did Mughals destroy temples?

Since temples in Mughal domains were understood as state property, those that were patronised by rebels who had formerly been loyal officials were subject to destruction, just as their patrons were subject to severe punishment. This probably explains why more temples were desecrated in his reign than in others.

Did Aurangzeb destroyed temple?

Aurangzeb was Muslim and destroyed Hindu temples, and though one must be careful not to suggest that life was easy for non-Muslims under his rule, it is clear that Aurangzeb did not destroy temples with the intent of persecuting Hindus.

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Who defeated Aurangzeb?

Dārā challenged Aurangzeb, relying on the promised support of Jaswant Singh of Marwar. However, Jaswant then deserted him, and Dārā was left to face Aurangzeb’s superior army alone. Defeated after three days’ resistance, he was captured and later executed.

How many temples did Mughals destroyed?

From the Islamic Literary Sources, it’s clear that over the centuries the Muslim invaders and rulers of the medieval times were only carrying out the commandments of Islam when they eliminated, captured, enslaved, and violated not only Hindus and destroyed or desecrated over 10,000 Hindu temples and monuments whenever …

How many temples were broken by Aurangzeb?

Richard Eaton, upon a critical evaluation of primary sources, counts 15 temples to have been destroyed during Aurangzeb’s reign.