Frequent question: Is Nilgiri tree banned in India?

Bangalore, April 9, 2019: Karnataka State Forest department banned plantation and cultivation of Nilgiri trees in the year 2011 stating it affects the ground water levels. But still there are farmers who cultivate these Nilgiri trees. … Karikalan, Indian Forest Service (IFS), Divisional Forest Officer, said.

Is eucalyptus tree banned in India?

On 30 January 2019, a division bench of Justice Ravi Malimath stayed an order banning the cultivation of fresh eucalyptus. … Eucalyptus is cultivated in almost all states and Union territories of India, and the most suited variety from the 700 available species are picked according to the region of cultivation.

Which tree is banned in India?

Because S. album is highly valued in India and uncontrolled harvesting have cause populations to dwindle in recent years, India has imposed an export ban on Sandalwood and instated conservation measures to protect the species in the country. Sandalwood is now grown on plantations in Australia.

Why is eucalyptus banned in India?

The High Court of Karnataka has stayed the State government’s February 23, 2017 order banning fresh cultivation and planting of species of eucalyptus on the reason that high intensity and number of eucalyptus plantations is one of the many causes for the falling level of the groundwater table.

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Which trees are banned for cutting India?

The trees which can no longer be cut without permission even on private land include mango, neem, sal, mahua, beeja sal, peepal, banyan, goolar, pakad, arjun, palash, bel, chiraunji, khirni, kaitha, tamarind, jamun, asna, kusum, reetha, bhilawa, toon, salai, haldu, bakli, khair, sheesham and sagaon.

Can eucalyptus grow in India?

Eucalypt has come to stay in India. Large scale plantations have been raised in government owned and private farm lands; the planting is continuing. There is vast potential to grow the species economically on farm and waste land in suitable zones.

Is eucalyptus invasive in India?

In the Western Ghats, where vast plantations of eucalyptus and wattle were raised in the past by converting grasslands and shola forests, the original habitat of the Nilgiri Tahr has been devastated. … Most species such as Eucalyptus, Wattle (Acacia), introduced from Australia, have become highly invasive.

Which trees can cut without permission?

The species named in the notification are: Acacia hybrid; Acacia mangium; tree of heaven, rain tree, all bamboos except Bambusa arundinacea, Dendrocalmus strictus and those of genus ocalandra; all cassia species except Cassia fistula; cashew; Christmas tree; arecanut; casuarina species; lemon; orange; coconut; coffee; …

Why Nilgiri is banned?

On 30 January 2019, a division bench of Justice Ravi Malimath stayed an order banning the cultivation of fresh eucalyptus. … The High Court along with the National green Tribunal banned Eucalyptus cultivation in Karnataka citing the reason— depletion of groundwater levels.

Why is acacia banned?

Karnataka state government in India bans planting eucalypt and acacia trees due to impact on ground water levels.

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Are eucalyptus trees harmful?

Eucalyptus depletes the the nutrients and moisture reserves of the soil and inhibits the undergrowth due to allelopathic properties. … Owing to these adverse effects, Eucalyptus is often referred as ” Ecological Terrorist”.

Where are eucalyptus trees found in India?

There are 700 species of Eucalyptus. Location : It is widely grown in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat, Haryana, Mysore, Kerala and in the Nilgiri Hill. It grows well in deep, fertile, well drained loamy soil with adequate moisture. It is also found in Nagarhole National Park and Bandipur National Park in India. .

What are the disadvantages of eucalyptus tree?

Eucalyptus oil can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Eucalyptus poisoning can cause stomach pain, dizziness, muscle weakness, feelings of suffocation, drowsiness, seizures, and coma. When applied to the skin: It’s possibly unsafe to use pure eucalyptus oil. It can cause serious problems with the nervous system.

Can I cut tree on my plot?

According to the rules of most cities, trees can be cut only if it causes a threat to life or property and it can be done only after getting permission from the District Forest Officer. In cases where permission is not taken, penalties can be imposed depending upon the value of the tree, which is based on its age.

Can I cut trees on my land?

A landowner may not cut down the tree or enter on to the land of the tree owner without permission. … If the owner of the tree does not want the cuttings, they must be disposed of in a responsible way and should not be left in the tree owner’s property without permission.

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Can I cut trees in my garden?

You will need permission to fell or prune a tree in your garden or land if: It is covered by a tree preservation order – you will require permission from your local authority. It is within a designated conservation area – you are required to notify your local authority to get permission.