Best answer: Who started modern education in India?

The modern school system was brought to India, originally by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, in the 1830s. “Modern” subjects like science and mathematics took precedence, and metaphysics and philosophy were deemed unnecessary.

Who introduced modern education in India?

The modern school system was brought to India, including the English language, originally by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay in the 1830s. The curriculum was confined to “modern” subjects such as science and mathematics, and subjects like metaphysics and philosophy were considered unnecessary.

Who started modern education?

Modern education in India was brought by the British colonisers in the 1830s along with the English language which is credited to have been introduced in India by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay.

Who supported the modern education in India?

Answer: Thomas Babington Macaulay, is the British officer who supported the modern education in India.

Who was the father of modern India?

Ram Mohan Ray is called the `Father of Modern India’ in recognition of his epoch-making social, educational and political reforms.

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Who is called the father of modern education?

John Amos Comenius, Father of Modern Education | Moravian College.

Why did British introduce modern education in India?

British wanted to introduce modern western education to serve their economic interests as English education would convince Indians about the superiority of British goods which were machine made, it would make Indians recognize the advantages of trade and commerce.

Who made the first school in India?


Savitribai Phule was a trailblazer in providing education for girls and for ostracized portions of society. She became the first female teacher in India (1848) and opened a school for girls with her husband, Jyotirao Phule.

Who introduced English education in India?

Thomas Babington, better known as Lord Macaulay, is the man who brought the English language and British education to India.

How did modern education spread in India?

1791: Jonathan Duncan started a Sanskrit College at Varanasi for the study of Hindu law and philosophy. 1813: Charter of 1813 directed the Company to spend Rs. 1 lakh for promoting modern sciences in the country.

Who introduced the bill of elementary education in modern India?

Gopal Krishna Gokhale had introduced a bill in the Imperial legislative Assembly in 1911 to implement the principle of compulsory primary education for children of 6-10 years age.

Who is the first university in India?

Hint:The University of Calcutta, informally regarded as Calcutta University or CU, is a collegiate public kingdom college placed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It used to be set up on 24 January 1857 and was once one of the first multidisciplinary and Western-style establishments in Asia.

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Who makes modern India?

Makers Of Modern India (English, Paperback, RAMACHANDRA GUHA,) Hurry, Only 7 left! Renowned Indian historian Ramachandra Guha profiles nineteen Indians who contributed significantly to the formation and evolution of our nation as a republic in his book, Makers of Modern India.

Who is known as modern of India?

Raja Rammohan Roy has come to be called the ‘Maker of Modern India’. He was the main force behind introduction of the western education and English language in India.