Who was the first princely state to merge in India?

Bikaner, Baroda and few other states from Rajasthan were the first ones to join the union. There were several other states that were adamant to not join India.

Which was the first state to merge with the Indian Union?

Notes: Theog was the first hill state to merge and handover its sovereignty to the Indian Union, Following this, several other states also agreed to merge.

How many princely states merged with India?

At the time of the British withdrawal, 565 princely states were officially recognised in the Indian subcontinent, apart from thousands of zamindari estates and jagirs.

Which states joined India after independence?

While most regions in British India achieved independence on 15 August 1947, there were several regions that joined the Indian Union later. States, such as Kashmir, Hyderabad, Junagadh, Manipur and Tripura, became part of the Union in the period between 1947 and 1949, not always without controversy.

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When was Junagadh merged with India?

A plebiscite was held on 20 February 1948, in which all but 91 out of 190,870 who voted (from an electorate of 201,457) voted to join India, i.e. 99.95% of the population voted to join India.

Who ruled over the princely states?

– Option B: During the British Raj the princely states and Provinces were two types of Administrative divisions of India which were under the direct or indirect control of the British. The Princely States were ruled by a local ruler who was in alliance with the British Raj.

What is princely state Upsc?

Integration of Princely States – Facts for UPSC Modern History. At the time of independence, there were more than 500 princely states in India that were not a part of the British Empire officially. These 500 princely states covered 48 per cent of the Pre-Independent Indian area.

How was Junagadh merged with Indian Union?

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel merged Junagadh into the Indian Union by military force when its ruler announced it’s joining Pakistan. He was in Pakistan when Patel annexed it. … When Pakistan accepted its instrument of accession, the Government of India was outraged by this fact.

Which is the oldest state in India?

UP, Bihar have India’s youngest populations; Kerala, Tamil Nadu are the oldest.

When did Travancore join India?

On July 1, Travancore and Cochin came together. On July 1, 1949, Cochin and Travancore merged to form the state of Travancore-Cochin or Thiru-Kochi. The state we call Kerala today, was once a collection of princely states and British administered provinces.

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Why did Sri Lanka not join India?

Sri Lanka is a Sovereign Independent Nation and neither India nor SL want to join Indian Union. They want to be Allies and Trade Partners. SL will be a liability to India and India will have to put money out of Indian Exchequer, since its still a developing country.

Which is the last state in India?

Telangana, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh are the most recent Indian States. As of now, India is a union of 28 states and 9 Union Territories.

Top 10 Most Recent States of India.

States Capital Year of formation
Telangana Hyderabad 2014
Uttarakhand Dehradun 2000
Jharkhand Ranchi 2000
Chhattisgarh Raipur 2000

Who is the first Indian to use the word Swaraj?

The correct answer is Dadabhai Naoroji. In 1906, Dadabhai Naoroji (who was the President of the INC session at Calcutta), and in his Presidential address, used the word Swaraj.

Which was the richest princely state in India?

Hyderabad. It was the largest and richest of all princely states, covered a large portion of the Deccan plateau.

Why did Hyderabad join India?

It was a military operation in which the Indian Armed Forces invaded the Nizam-ruled princely state, annexing it into the Indian Union. … Fearing the establishment of a Communist state in Hyderabad and the rise of militant Razakars, India invaded the state in September 1948 following a crippling economic blockade.

What happened to Nawab of Junagadh?

After his exile, he settled down in Pakistan and the Junagarh family resides at the ‘Junagarh House’ in Karachi, Pakistan.

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