Which country did India shared ICC 2002 trophy?

Winner: Shared between India and Sri Lanka. In 2002, the tournament’s format was tweaked and it came to be called the ICC Champions Trophy. All games were played in Colombo, between R Premadasa and Sinhalese Sports Complex.

Who won the ICC Champions Trophy 2002?

2002 ICC Champions Trophy

Administrator(s) International Cricket Council
Champions India (1st title) Sri Lanka (1st title)
Runners-up None
Participants 12
Most runs Virender Sehwag (271)

What happened in ICC Champions Trophy 2002?

Premadasa Stadium, Colombo. The final was scheduled to play between Sri Lanka cricket team and the India cricket team on 29 September 2002. Sri Lanka batted first and scored 244 runs for five wickets in 50 overs. Indian had played only two overs before the match was stopped by the rain.

2002 ICC Champions Trophy Final.

Sri Lanka India
50 & 50 2 & 8.4

How many ICC trophies India won?

India has won five major ICC tournaments.

Which country won all ICC trophies?


Country/Team World Cup Champions Trophy
Australia 5 (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015) 2 (2006, 2009)
India 2 (1983, 2011) 2 (2002, 2013)
West Indies 2 (1975, 1979) 1 (2004)
Pakistan 1 (1992) 1 (2017)
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Who won 2004 Champions Trophy?


Edition Year Final
1 2007 India 157/5 (20 overs)
2 2009 Pakistan 139/2 (18.4 overs)
3 2010 England 148/3 (17 overs)

Which ICC Trophy Ganguly won?

He began well as a captain, leading India to a series win over South Africa in the five-match one day series and led the Indian team to the finals of the 2000 ICC KnockOut Trophy. He scored two centuries, including one in the final; however, New Zealand still won by four wickets.

Who is the best captain of India?

Most successful Indian skippers

Player Span Won
V Kohli 2014-2022 40
MS Dhoni 2008-2014 27
SC Ganguly 2000-2005 21
M Azharuddin 1990-1999 14

Which country will host 2021 Champions Trophy?

India, who holds the hosting rights for the next Champions Trophy in 2021, were thrashed by Pakistan by 180 runs in the finals at The Oval last Sunday.

Who is best captain in cricket?

At the top is Kohli’s captain (in his own words), the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni who leads the list with 178 wins across 332 matches as captain of the Indian Cricket team. Placed below him are Australia’s Ricky Ponting (324 matches, 220 wins) and New Zealand’s Stephen Fleming (303 matches, 128 wins).

How many Asia Cups India won?


Team Appearances Best result
India 12 Champions (1984, 1988, 1990–91, 1995, 2010, 2018)
Sri Lanka 13 Champions (1986, 1997, 2004, 2008, 2014)
Pakistan 12 Champions (2000, 2012)

Who is owner of ICC?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the world governing body of cricket.

International Cricket Council.

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Current ICC Members
Abbreviation ICC
Chairman Greg Barclay
CEO Geoff Allardice
Revenue (2020) US$40.7 million