What were the provisions of the Indian Independence Act of 1947 regarding the constituent assemblies?

Provisions of the Indian Independence Act, 1947 are as follows: – Two new Dominions of India and Pakistan were formed. – Each Dominion to have her own Governor General. – The existing Constituent Assembly would become the Union Legislature for India, and Pakistan to have separate Constituent Assembly.

What was the provision in the Indian Independence Act 1947 relating to Princely States?

According to the Indian Independence Act, the Princely States would become independent and the powers earlier wielded by the British colonial government would be terminated. From August 15, 1947, all treaties and agreements made by the British with the Princely States would stand cancelled.

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What were the main clauses of the Indian Independence Act?

division of British India into the two new dominions of India and Pakistan, with effect from 15 August 1947. partition of the provinces of Bengal and Punjab between the two new countries. establishment of the office of Governor-General in each of the two new countries, as representatives of the Crown.

What did the Indian Independence Act 1947 state about Bengal and Punjab?

Answer: (i) Bengal and Punjab- Both Bengal and Punjab would be divided if so desired by the people. The Provincial Assemblies of the two parts would meet separately representing Hindu majority districts and Muslim majority vote whether they wanted the division of the province or not.

What were the main features of the Mountbatten Plan?

The main points of the plan include partition of India into India and Pakistan, relations of the two Dominions, a Boundary Commission, Princely States, Bengal and Punjab, Sindh and North-West Frontier Province, Constituent Assembly and the transfer of power.

Who designed the Indian Independence Act 1947?

The Indian Independence Act, 1947 was an act of the British Parliament that partitioned India into two independent dominions of India and Pakistan. The legislation was drafted by the Labour government of Clement Attlee.

When was the first Independence Day unofficially celebrated before independence?

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Cawnpore had celebrated first independence on Jan 26, 1930.

What provision was created for the North-West Frontier Province with reference to Mountbatten?

The correct answer is North-West Frontier Province. Mountbatten Plan provided for a referendum for North-West Frontier Province which is now known as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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What were the changes introduced by the Indian Independence Act 1947?

(1) It provided right to secede from British Commonwealth. (2) It gave two options to Princely States i.e., join either India or Pakistan. (3) It made India a Dominion. (4) It abolished office of the Viceroy.

How was the provinces of Bengal and Punjab to decide whether they were to be partitioned or not?

Under the Mountbatten Plan, a single majority vote in favour of partition by either of the notionally-divided halves of the Assembly would have decided the division of the province and hence the proceedings on 20 June resulted in the decision to partition Bengal.

What were the proposals of Mountbatten Plan?

The two proposals related to princely states in Mountbatten plan were: (i) All treaties in agreements between the British Government and rulers of Indian States will lapse. (ii) They would be free to associate themselves in either of the Dominions i.e., India or Pakistan or to remain Independent.

What were the main clauses of the Mountbatten Plan Write down how India acquired independence based on the plan?

– The plan included the principles of partition and gave autonomy and sovereignty to both India and Pakistan. It also gave the nations the right to form their own constitution. – Under this plan, the Princely states, such as Jammu and Kashmir, were given a choice to either remain independent or join India or Pakistan.

What did the Mountbatten Plan provide in regard to the princely states?

Answer: In the Mountbatten Plan it is stated that the Princely States would have the option to join either of the two dominions of India or Pakistan. … Power would be transferred to one whole or more States.

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