Question: Which is the latest international airport in India?

Noida International Airport in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh is the newest addition to the international airports in India.

How many International Airport are there in India 2021?

International Airports in India – Important Pointers

There are 34 operational International Airports in India. Indira Gandhi International Airport is the largest International airport constructed in 5495 acres. It is also the busiest airport in India followed by the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

What is the newest international airport?

Here are six of the newest airports and terminals set to wow passengers this year.

  • Salt Lake City International (SLC)
  • Bermuda L. F. Wade International (BDA)
  • Berlin Brandenburg (BER)
  • Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal (AUH)
  • Manchester Terminal 2 (MAN)
  • Bahrain International (BAH)

How many international airports are there in India 2022?

As of now Airports Authority of India handles a total of 137 airports including 24 International airports (3 Civil Enclaves), 10 Custom Airports (4 Civil Enclaves) and 103 Domestic airports (23 Civil Enclaves). Check here for airport list in India which includes both domestic and International airports.

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Which is the 4th international airport in India?

4. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Assam.

Which Indian state has most international airports?

These Indian states have the highest number of international airports; UP tops the list

  • Uttar Pradesh — 5. …
  • Kerala — 4. …
  • Tamil Nadu — 4. …
  • Andhra Pradesh — 3. …
  • Gujarat — 3. …
  • Maharashtra — 3. …
  • Karnataka — 2. …
  • West Bengal — 2.

Which state has no airport in India?

Airport Highlights:

Before the construction of this airport, Sikkim was the only State of India that did not have an airport. It is one of the 5 highest airports of India.

What is the biggest airport in the world?

In terms of overall size, the King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest airport by an overwhelming margin. Taking up nearly 300 square miles, this former United States airbase very nearly matches the area of all five boroughs of New York City put together (302.6 mi2).

What is the oldest airport in the world?

The headquarters of the American Physical Society in College Park, Maryland is also home to the College Park Airport, a small facility with the unique distinction of being “the oldest, continuously operating airport in the world.”

Where is the new Berlin airport?

listen)) is an international airport in Schönefeld, just south of the German capital Berlin in the state of Brandenburg.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
Operator FBB GmbH
Serves Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany
Location Schönefeld, Brandenburg
Opened 31 October 2020
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Which is the largest airport in India 2020?

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the largest airport of India spread over an area of 5,106 acres and also the the busiest airport in the country in terms of passenger traffic and cargo traffic.

What is the first airport in India?

It was founded in 1928 as India’s first civil aviation airport, In 1932, JRD Tata landed at the Juhu aerodrome, inaugurating India’s first scheduled commercial mail service.

Juhu Aerodrome.

Juhu Airport
Operator Airports Authority of India
Serves Mumbai
Location Juhu, Maharashtra, India
Hub for Pawan Hans

How many international airports are in India?

How many International Airports are there in India? At present, there are 34 International Airports which are operational in India.

How many international airports are in Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh is slowly becoming a hub of airports in India. The state already has three operational international airports in Lucknow, Varanasi and Kushinagar. On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of the Noida International Airport (NIA) in Jewar.

How many international airports India have?

123 airports with scheduled commercial flights including some with dual civilian and army use. 35 international airports.