Is Kalyan a suburb of Mumbai?

Kalyan (Pronunciation: [kəljaːɳ]) is a city in Thane district of Maharashtra state in Konkan division and a part of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). It is governed by Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation. … It is a founding city corporation of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

What comes under Mumbai Suburban?

Mumbai Suburban District has 3 Talukas/Tahsils namely, Andheri, Borivali and Kurla. It has 87 villages. The jurisdiction of Mumbai Suburban District is from Bandra to Dahisar, from Kurla (Chuna Bhatti) to Mulund and from Kurla and upto Trombay Creek.

Is dombivli a suburb of Mumbai?

Dombivli is a town in Kalyan Tehsil of Maharashtra which lies at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Thane and around 6 kilometers from Kalyan. This town is a thickly populated suburb of Mumbai with a total population of about 11, 93,000.

Is Thane a suburb of Mumbai?

Thane for all practical purposes is a suburb of Mumbai is past and has passed. Today Thane city area is 147 sq. kms with more than 2.2 Million population. Politically, Thane city is divided in 2 parts, East and West because a railway line passes through the middle of city.

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What is the difference between Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban?

There you have it, the difference between Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban.

Answers ( 2 )

Mumbai City Mumbai Suburban
Mumbai city is the island city which is surrounded on the three sides by water Mumbai Suburban was a part of Mumbai City until October 1, 1990

Is Mumbai a Virar suburb?

Virar (Pronunciation: [ʋiɾaɾ]) is a coastal city in taluka Vasai and district of Palghar. It is clubbed into Vasai-Virar city, administered by Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation. It lies north to the city of Mumbai. It is a part of the outermost Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Is Sion a suburb of Mumbai?

Sion (/ˈsaːjən/; IAST: Śīv [ʃiːʋ]) is a neighbourhood of Mumbai. In the 17th century the village formed the boundary between Mumbai and Salsette Island.

Is Thane a state?

About Thane District

Thane is one of the few industrially advanced districts in the state of Maharashtra. Thane district is on the North of Konkan division. According to census 2011, it is third in the state in terms of population.

Is Dombivli come under Mumbai?

Kalyan-Dombivli is a twin city and it comes under Mumbai metropolitan region and it’s a municipal corporation with its headquarters located in Kalyan in Thane district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Is Kalyan a posh area?

Kalyan West is a very posh locality. It is surrounded by hospitals, schools and colleges. It is well connected by trains, buses and public transports.

Is Kalyan urban or rural?

As per Census 2011, there are total 310,479 families under Kalyan Taluka living in urban areas while 310,479 families are living within Rural areas. Thus around 81.9% of total population of Kalyan Taluka lives in Urban areas while 18.1% lives under Rural areas.

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Is Kalyan a taluka?

Kalyan taluka is a taluka of the Thane district of Maharashtra in Konkan division. It is located between 19°4′ and 19°24’N. and 73°1′ and 73°24’E with an area of 276 square miles (710 km2).

Does Kalyan comes under Thane city or Thane rural?

The headquarters of the district is the city of Thane. Other major cities in the district are Navi Mumbai, Kalyan-Dombivli, Mira-Bhayander, Bhiwandi, Ulhasnagar, Ambarnath, Badlapur, Murbad and Shahapur.

Which is the biggest suburb in Mumbai?

Andheri is one of the largest suburbs in Mumbai and is split into Andheri West and Andheri East.

Which area comes under Mumbai city?

The city area is called the “island city” or South Mumbai or Old Mumbai. It extends from Colaba in the south to Mahim and Sion in the north. The city has an area of 157 km2 (61 sq mi) and a population of 3,085,411.

Mumbai City district
Country India
State Maharashtra
Division Konkan