Is Indian FTR a good bike?

Built to mimic the American firm’s dominant FTR 750 flat track racer it’s more than just striking good looks and quality, although it’s not a bad place to start. The Indian is calm and comfy, has lots of legroom and a comfy stretch to the bars.

Is the Indian FTR reliable?

The Indian FTR 1200 is almost spectacular. It handles perfectly, it’s astonishingly well put-together and its power delivery is aggressive, linear and full of v-twin nastiness. It’s incredibly good-looking, well-built and will be a benchmark of reliability in the years to come.

Is Indian FTR good for beginners?

Now Indian Motorcycle’s latest model—the 2022 Indian FTR—was sitting between my legs. Within Indian’s lineup, the two motorcycles are polar opposites. The entry-level Scout Bobber Sixty is a low-revving, liter-sized cruiser packing a relatively modest 78 peak horsepower that’s suited perfectly to beginners like myself.

What type of bike is Indian FTR?

Previously the entire FTR lineup, except for the scrambler-styled Rally model, rolled on 19-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels with chunky dirt-track-inspired Dunlop DT3-R rubber.

2022 Indian FTR 1200 Specs.

MSRP: $12,999 (base model)/$14,999 (S model)/$16,999 (R Carbon)
Claimed Horsepower: 120.0 hp @ 7,750 rpm
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Is the Indian FTR 1200 a good bike?

The Good. The FTR 1200 is, hands down, the best bike Indian makes. … Well, for starters, the bike’s water-cooled, 1,200cc, overhead-cam V-twin is phenomenal. Power and torque are on tap the instant you touch the throttle, and there’s gobs of both.

Where is the Indian FTR made?

Today, the tradition of premium craftsmanship in American manufacturing lives on at the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, IA; the home of Indian Motorcycle and the birthplace of each new bike we make.

What is the difference between Indian FTR 1200 and 1200s?

The standard FTR 1200 comes at a price of $13,499 and is only available in Thunder Black. Differing it from the S model is not only the paint scheme, but also a $2,000 price increase, a 4.3-inch TFT display, ride modes, fully adjustable suspension, lean-angle sensitive ABS, and stability, traction, and wheelie control.

Are Indian bikes good for beginners?

The Indian Scout Bobber has all the makings of a good first bike. In particular, the Scout Bobber Sixty is an ideal entry to Bobber ownership although all 3 Indian Bobbers are low to the ground and have a smooth power delivery so despite being big displacement bikes they are easy to handle.

Is the FTR1200 a naked bike?

Arizona skies and an American performance naked bike. Doesn’t get much better. Aside from the wheels, the most obvious change in the FTR’s demeanor is the throttle response. Fueling on the original FTR1200 was, err, abrupt, to say the least, and this FTR is a vast improvement.

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What does FTR mean on Indian Motorcycle?

The development of Indian Motorcycle takes another leap with the arrival of a new bike, the 2019 Indian FTR 1200. “FTR” stands for “Flat Track Racer,” which describes the bike’s inspiration, if not its function.

Can the Indian FTR 1200 be lowered?

For FTR 1200 S and model year 2022 and newer FTR 1200 models, adjustments can be made to the fork to increase or decrease the preload for a personal rider preference.