Is India preparing for war Quora?

Is Indian army ready for war Quora?

Originally Answered: Is India ready for a war? Yes its been ready and ready since last 5000 years.

Is Indian military weak Quora?

No, Indian army is not weak . Actually indian army is very powerful. We have the bravest and most badass soldier in the world. US army cant compete against when we talk about physical fitness, badassness, gallantry of our soldiers.

Is India ready for 2 front war Quora?

No, country in the world can have two front war planned well in advance. There are too much of assumptions in such plan. The problems with two front strategy are: The country must have vast number of men and material to face two fronts.

Which country will support India in case of war?

Though India is not a part of any major military alliance, it has close strategic and military relationship with most of the fellow major powers. Countries considered India’s closest include the Russian Federation, Israel, Afghanistan, France, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and the United States.

Is Indian Army overrated Quora?

Of course yes! Indian army is way too much overrated.

Why Indian Army is best?

Indian soldiers are considered one of the best on high elevations, jungle combat and mountain warfare. The Siachen conflict is an excellent example of mountain warfare. The conflict between India and Pakistan over the disputed Siachen Glacier in Kashmir is common knowledge.

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Is the Indian army strong or weak?

According to the recently released Global Firepower (GFP) annual defence review of 140 countries, India’s military is the 4th most powerful. In the 2022 rankings, the US predictably occupies the top slot among 140 countries with a Power Index score of 0.0453, while the unattainable perfect score is zero.

Which country loves India most?

In 2014, a Pew Research Center survey found that Israelis and Russians are the most pro-Indian sentiments worldwide, with 90% and 85% respectively expressing a favourable view of India.

Which country is Russia’s best friend?

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia inherited its close relationship with India which resulted in both nations sharing a special relationship. Russia and India both term this relationship as a “special and privileged strategic partnership”.

Is South Korea supporting India?

India-RoK relations have made great strides in recent years and have become truly multidimensional, spurred by a significant convergence of interests, mutual goodwill and high level exchanges. South Korea is currently the fifth largest source of investment in India.