How much is toll from Delhi to Shimla?

Total toll paid was ₹ 174.

How many tolls are there from Delhi to Chandigarh?

There are total 24 number of Toll Gates/Plaza between DELHI to CHANDIGARH and total toll cost will be Rs 1860.

How many tolls are there in Delhi?

Vehicle owners can recharge their RFID accounts on the website “”, mobile application “MCD TOLL” and at the 28 point of sale kiosks at the 13 entry/exit points. The 13 toll plazas receive 85 per cent of the incoming traffic in Delhi.

How much does toll cost in India?

Toll Plaza Information

Type of vehicle Single Journey Monthly Pass
Car/Jeep/Van 115.00 3785.00
LCV 185.00 6110.00
Bus/Truck 385.00 12805.00
Upto 3 Axle Vehicle 420.00 13970.00

How many tolls are there from Mumbai to Delhi?

When vehicles pass through any of the 18 toll plazas on the Delhi-Mumbai highway, an antenna on the plazas will detect the RFID (radio frequency identification) tags installed on the vehicles.

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How many tolls from Chandigarh to Amritsar?

From Chandigarh to Amritsar, for a distance of 235km, one has to pay Rs 133 as toll. From Chandigarh to Hoshiarpur (heavily tolled road) for 135 km, one pays Rs 157 and from Chandigarh to Delhi for 250 km one pays Rs 154.

What is toll tax from Delhi to Jaipur?

Currently, commuters plying from Jaipur to Delhi pay Rs 55 at Shahpura and Rs 115 at a toll gate near Shajapur. Those travelling to and fro the same day are charged Rs 254.

How much is toll tax on Yamuna Expressway?

Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates List 2022

Vehicles Aligarh (Rs.) Round Trip (Rs.)
Two wheeler 50 240
Car/Jeep/Van 100 510
LCV/Mini-Bus 150 800
Bus/Truck 300 1680

How much is toll tax in UP?

Toll Plaza Information

Type of vehicle Single Journey Monthly Pass
Car/Jeep/Van 30.00 990.00
LCV 50.00 1595.00
Bus/Truck 100.00 3345.00
Upto 3 Axle Vehicle 155.00 5245.00

Is Manesar toll Free?

Earlier, they also forcibly opened the toll gates, allowing all vehicles to pass without paying toll fee. The villages which claim exemption include Manesar, Shikohpur, Sikanderpur, Rampura, Nakhrola, Naurangpur, Badshahpur, Bar Gujjar, Bass Kushla, Dhana, Fazilpur, and Naharpur, among others.

Is toll free for electric cars?

The draft toll policy suggests that electric vehicles should be given 50% concession on toll rates, so that the government is able to encourage people to buy EVs. “The concession will be applicable for the first five years from the date the policy is announced,” the report added.

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How are Indian tolls calculated?

Toll Tax Calculation

For toll tax rates, the NHAI takes into account the damage to the road by heavy vehicles. The load that they carry like those of buses or trucks also matter. In addition to the load capacity, the size of the vehicle also determines the PCU (Passenger Car Unit) upon which the toll tax is calculated.

Can Google Maps calculate tolls?

Can Google Maps calculate tolls? No, Google Maps cannot calculate tolls. However, it can indicate where tolls are in turn-by-turn directions. Use TollGuru Toll calculator instead which is built on Google Maps but also calculates tolls for your trip by all vehicle types – across all the US states.

How do I get toll gates on Google Maps?

Step 1: Open Google Maps on your smartphone. Step 2: Type your destination into the search bar and search for it. Step 3: Once the app shows the “Directions” button, tap on it. Step 4: You will then have to tap on the three-dotted button, which is located next to “Your Location” on the top of the screen.

How much is the Bedford NH toll?

There are two mainline toll plazas on the turnpike, in Bedford and Hooksett, that each charge $1.00 for cash and out of state E-ZPass users.