Can I use my Indian debit card in Bali?

Can we use Indian debit card in Bali?

You don’t have to carry Bali currency as your Indian debit card(like Axis/HSBC) function there normally. Also you can always withdraw currency from local atm using your indian card. The withdrawal rates and the conversion rates are not high.

Can I use Indian ATM card in Indonesia?

You can also use an Indian ATM card in Indonesia, if it supports a compatible network (look at the card for icons on the back like “Plus” or “Maestro”). But only some ATMs support some networks, so this may be a hassle.

Does Bali take debit cards?

Credit and Debit cards are widely accepted in Bali. You can pay with a credit card at hotels, spas, restaurants and stores. In many foreign destinations, cash is absolutely necessary but in Bali you won’t need to keep that much on hand. Credit or debit cards can pay for almost all accommodations.

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Can I use my debit Mastercard in Bali?

Can Debit Cards be used in Bali? As a rule of thumb, Visa and Mastercard Debit cards are processed exactly the same as Credit Cards. However plain debit cards not linked to one of Visa or Mastercard are not accepted.

Can Indian currency be used in Bali?

Hi, “Is Indian rupee accepted in Bali?” – If you mean for currency exchange then yes but the rate is very poor. You can not use any currency locally other than IDR.

Is Bali cheap for Indian?

Hey Abhinav, If you fly from Bali to India, the cheapest tickets will cost you on an average Rs. … 4000 for a night whereas a home stay will cost you around Rs. 3500 a night. Also, expect to spend anywhere between 800 to 3000 a day on local transport and other activities.

Can I use Indian credit card in Indonesia?

In recent years Credit and Debit Cards have been commonly used as a method of payment in Indonesia. … So foreigners traveling to Indonesia need not worry to use credit or debit cards for your traveling pleasure.

Which debit card can be used internationally?

Should you use your debit card for international travel? The short answer to whether or not you should use your debit card is yes, you can. Visa, MasterCard, and other major credit card processors operate all over the world. Your debit card will likely work in most countries you visit.

Can I withdraw money from my debit card abroad?

International ATM fee: Banks and credit unions typically charge a flat fee — often up to $5 — for using an ATM network in another country, plus a percentage of the amount you withdraw. This fee may be a different amount from your institution’s domestic out-of-network ATM fee.

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How much is $100 US in Bali?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Indonesian Rupiah
10 USD 143425.00000 IDR
20 USD 286850.00000 IDR
50 USD 717125.00000 IDR
100 USD 1434250.00000 IDR

Which currency is accepted in Bali?

The currency in Bali is the Indonesian rupiah.

You’ll see it written as IDR and it’s the only currency accepted in shops and restaurants.

How much cash should I bring to Bali?

For spending money we recommend bringing the following, based on your travel budget: Low-cost: IDR200,000 ($19) per person, per day if you plan to eat local and take public transport. Mid-range: IDR530,000 ($50) per person, per day if you plan to dine in restaurants and hire a car or take private transport.

Does Bali accept AUD?

Can you use Australian Dollars in Bali? No, you can’t. While we travel to Bali and Indonesia very frequently, you cannot use Australian dollars in Bali. Just like you can’t use Indonesian Rupiah here!

How can I carry money to Bali?

We usually take cash with a card as back up. Change the money as you need it and leave the rest in the hotel safe. Cash is definitely the easiest and most cost effective way to go. With the USD you are taking you will need to change it to IDR when you get there.

How much money do you need for a week in Bali?

Bali trip cost for one week

Estimated Costs
Transportation and attractions $120
Food and drink $175 ($25 X 6 7 days)
Random spending $100
Total $1,725 USD
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