Your question: Did Will Smith visit India?

Hollywood actor Will Smith is no stranger to India, and has visited the country on more than one occasion. His most recent trip to India took place for an upcoming Facebook Watch show, Will Smith’s Bucketlist, and took him to Haridwar to experience the Ganga Aarti.

Did Will Smith come to India?

His visit to the country is often cherished by the actor in various experiences. Will, who has been ticking things off his bucket list for a while, visited India last year to accomplish another dream of his. He also shared several moments from his trip online.

Does Will Smith love India?

Hollywood actor Will Smith’s love for India is well known. The actor has time and again professed his love for Bollywood films and songs. … The actor had featured in a Bollywood song ‘Radha Teri Chunri’ in Karan Johar’s film ‘Student of the Year 2’.

When did Will Smith come to India?

Back in 2006, Hollywood actor Will Smith also made an appearance on the show. Will Smith made a guest appearance on the second season of the show and even revealed that it was his first time travelling to India.

Does Will Smith read Bhagavad Gita?

In his interview with the media, Will Smith revealed a shocking fact that he is immensely influenced by Bhagavad Gita and read 90% of it. He also said that he has a high influence of Arjuna on him. Speaking about India, he added, “I love the history. I am 90 per cent through the Bhagavad Gita.

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Who is Will Smiths wife?

‘The Song by God’;), often referred to as the Gita (IAST: gītā), is a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the epic Mahabharata (chapters 23–40 of book 6 of the Mahabharata called the Bhishma Parva), dated to the second half of the first millennium BCE and is typical of the Hindu synthesis.

Does Will Smith meditate?

I’m always up from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. reading and meditating on specific things or dreams and ideas that I want to put into the world. I’m very organized in that way. I guess the illusion of control settles my mind. I hope.”

What’s Will Smith twitter?

Will Smith (@willsmith) / Twitter.