Which college has no dress code in Chennai?

The following are the list of Arts Colleges in Chennai which does not have a compulsory dress code for students: Loyola College. Presidency College. Madras Christian College.

Is there dress code in Loyola College Chennai?

Dress Code should be strictly adhered to. (Boys: Round Neck T-Shirt, Torn Jeans, Hoodie T-Shirts, Track Pants and T-Shirt with abusive words or pictures are NOT allowed. Full length pant is only allowed. Girls: T-Shirt, Torn Jeans, Sleeveless are NOT allowed).

Is there a dress code in colleges?

Karnataka govt banned students from wearing clothes that ‘disturb equality, integrity and public law and order’ in education institutions. … The private school administration can choose a uniform of their choice,” the government order said.

What is the dress code for college in Chennai?

Sources in the directorate said male students are expected to be banned from wearing T-shirts, while jeans and sleeveless shirts will be off limits for female students. “Boys will be asked to wear formal outfits, like shirts and trousers, while girls will have to be in salwars or saris,” said an official.

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Can we wear jeans in Loyola College?

Jeans pants and T-shirts are not allowed. Each student-teacher is expected to possess an identity card with his / her recent photograph affixed on it duly attested by the Principal. All should wear their identity card as they enter the college campus.

Does Anna University have any dress code?

The dress code isn’t as stringent as it is in other colleges but formal attire does impress the professors. T-shirts aren’t allowed within the academic zone.

What is the dress code in ethiraj College?

Intriguingly enough, popular women’s colleges — MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Women’s Christian College, Stella Maris and Ethiraj — seem to have found uniformity in their ‘dress regulations’: “The code is simple. No tight fitting clothes, shorts or anything that doesn’t reach down to their ankles.

Do colleges need uniform?

There are merits and demerits to the compulsory use of uniforms in colleges. Many favour uniforms, as they feel that it will discipline students and make everyone feel equal. But some say that college students have the right to express themselves, and clothes are a way to do so.

Is uniform necessary in colleges?

A uniform teaches a student how to present himself or herself. It also creates a feeling of pride, togetherness and decency. That, in turn, reduces bunking classes. Since a uniform makes you stand out in the crowd, it offers a measure of protection too against human trafficking.

Do private colleges have dress codes?

Most universities and community colleges are public schools. Public colleges have fewer restrictions than private educational institutions. Colleges that are private or religiously affiliated are the ones that will have a greater chance to enforce dress code rules.

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Are t shirts allowed in colleges?

And so for colleges who don’t have any uniform system, students can wear anything which looks comfortable, suitable, smart, and trendy. For girls dresses can vary from jeans, t-shirts, casual shirts, skirts, half pants, to tank tops, plazzos, suits, etc. For boys it can be jeans, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, etc.

Is there uniform in SRM University?

No there is no dress code in SRM only for workshop you have to wear workshop dress and in lab class you have to wear blazer…

Is there any dress code in SSN?

There is no dress code, however management does advise you to present yourself how you want to be judged.

Is jeans allowed in engineering college?

Most colleges do not permit students to sport long hair, and wear bracelets and shorts. … RR Engineering College does not permit its girls to wear sleeveless outfits and jeans. For boys, cargoes and jeans with multiple pockets are a strict no-no.

Is Loyola College strict?

Loyola college secured 6th rank in NIRF Ranking. In attendance its a strict college and you need to be attentive in class.

What is the dress code for MOP Vaishnav College?

DRESS CODE: Students are expected to wear comfortable and modest attire, in keeping with the dignity and decorum of the college. Obscenity and vulgarity in dressing is strictly prohibited. T-Shirts, three fourth pants, sleeveless tops, shorts and miniskirts are not permitted.