How can I write to Mumbai mirror?

How can I advertise in Mumbai Mirror?

To place your ad on the main newspaper, call our Display Expert for the lowest rates at 09356222541 / 09830629298.

Who is the editor of Mumbai Mirror?

Mumbai Mirror

The frontpage of Mumbai Mirror on 2 August 2016
Publisher Metropolitan Media Company
Editor Ravi Joshi
Launched 25 May 2005
Language English

Why did Mumbai Mirror shut down?

On Saturday morning, Mumbai Mirror and Pune Mirror published their final daily print editions. On December 5, the Times Group, which published the papers, said that the economic crisis induced by the Covid-19 pandemic made them unviable. Mumbai Mirror will now be launched as a weekly while continuing to publish online.

How can I get Mumbai Mirror Epaper?

How to download Mumbai Mirror Epaper PDF?

  1. Firstly, you either scroll down this post or go to Mumbai Mirror epaper official website @
  2. Click on your Mumbai Mirror epaper download now link.

How do you give an advertisement?

Here’s a guide to mastering the process:

  1. Choose your target audience. …
  2. Conduct market research. …
  3. Choose your platform and ad format. …
  4. Decide whether you’re building brand awareness or product awareness. …
  5. Craft a memorable message. …
  6. Gather creative assets. …
  7. Create custom videos. …
  8. Use striking visuals.
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How do I post a newspaper ad?

Here’s what’s involved in creating a newspaper ad:

  1. Choose a newspaper with a readership that fits your target audience.
  2. Select placement and ad-size appropriate to your ad goals and budget.
  3. Pinpoint your marketing message.
  4. Design your ad (write copy, graphics, and so on).
  5. Submit and request a proof.

Who is the publisher of Indian mirror?

In 1861, the newspaper, Indian Mirror, was edited and published by Manmohan Ghosh and Devendranath Tagore from Calcutta.

Where is the Daily Mirror based?

The Mirror, official name The Daily Mirror, daily newspaper published in London that frequently has the largest circulation in Britain. The Mirror was founded by Alfred Harmsworth, later Viscount Northcliffe, in 1903 as a newspaper for women.

Why is the Times Group shutting down mirror?

Times Group to Shut Down Pune Mirror, Mumbai Mirror To Be Relaunched as Weekly. The Times Group said the decision was taken due to coronavirus pandemic induced economic crisis. … The Times Group said in a statement that the decision was taken due to coronavirus pandemic induced economic crisis.