Can I bring my used car to India?

The vehicle must be right-hand drive. … Importing a car is only possible via naval docks situated in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Thus, the car should be brought to India via any of these ports only. The car should be either loaned, leased, registered or sold.

Can I take my car to India?


Indian nationals coming to India on transfer of residence are allowed to import one vehicle. Import of both new as well as old cars is now allowed. Payment for the car must be made prior to arrival or owner in India. … In lieu of a motorcar, one motorcycle can also be imported.

How much old cars can be imported India?

Rules for importing a used car is similar to the rule of importing a new car. However, in case of a used car there are an additional two rules: The used car that is imported to India should not be more than 3 years old. Roadworthiness certificate is important, and its validity should be at least 5 years.

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Can I import a 40 year old car in India?

Maximum Age of Used Car

Cars manufactured prior to 1st January, 1950 are free for import by Actual Users. … However, such of the cars that would be plying on public roads will continue to be subject to Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Rules, 1989.

Can I drive a left hand car in India?

No. It is illegal to drive LHD vehicle in India.

Can we drive left hand car in India?

NEW DELHI: Nearly a year after relaxing the testing norms for cars imported by individuals, the government has now decided to allow carmakers to import left-hand drive vehicles into India albeit only for testing and research purposes.

Why imported cars are so expensive in India?

The customs duty on importing a new car is 102%. On old/second-hand cars it is 160% of the ex-showroom price. These costs raise your overall expense of owning a car to more than 200% of its original price.

Is importing a car cheaper?

Many people dwelling in Kenya prefer to import second-hand vehicles as they are cheaper compared to the ones in local car dealerships. By cutting out the middleman, buyers can save up to 25 percent in cost.

How can I import a car to India without customs?

Duty-Free Import Authorisation (DFIA): Under this scheme, an exporter can import inputs without paying basic customs duty on them. However, there is a 20 percent value-addition requirement. Also, DFIA imports can be made only after the export process is completed.

Why is Dodge not in India?

Dodge and Chrysler were among the first brands to agree to begin sales in India under an independent unit. Due to the heavy import duties and low sales at the time, the companies pulled back from the Indian market.

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How much is import duty in India?

The rate is 10% of the value of goods. GST is applicable on all imports into India in the form of levy of IGST. IGST is levied on the value of imported goods + any customs duty chargeable on the goods.

How do I transfer a second hand car?

The documents required for importation of motor vehicles and clearance through Customs include:

  1. Original Commercial Invoice.
  2. Original Bill of Lading.
  3. Import Declaration Form obtained from Customs.
  4. Authentic Original Logbook from country of origin.
  5. Certificate of road worthiness.

How much does it cost to ship a car to India?

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost? From the U.S., it usually costs from $2,200 to $5,600 to ship a car to India. Most cars transported to the area come by way of a shipping container, which can accommodate most standard cars.

Which country has right-hand drive cars?

Australia and New Zealand use right-hand drive cars

Australia and New Zealand are nations that are famous for their car culture. They are also famous for having right-sided steering wheel vehicles, and driving on the left. As mentioned before, this comes from their historic UK influence.

Can you convert LHD to RHD?

Converting a vehicle from left-hand drive (LHD) to right-hand drive (RHD) is entirely legal in the U.S. RHD conversion is not a simple mechanical project. You should only let a professional complete the conversion for you.